Thursday, March 13, 2008

Am I Obligated To Follow My Race?

The last couple of days have been kinda interesting. I have so much to say and a couple of things will definitely get you guys peeved but as I said - sometimes, you got to let it all out.

Happy News: I got a better job, great title, more bargaining power in my field but different industry. (My mother will definitely be proud and can I hope that she will stop calling me at 2am to pray over my head - love ya mommy!!) I am excited because, a lot of the stuff I will be doing are tied to an area that I am interested in studying further at one of the university's over here in the city. (sorry, book no dey tire me like that - lol! my uncle thinks I should rest since I have gotten all I need to succeed in the U.S but I don't agree. I thirst for knowledge - I will always be a student of some sort).

Next: Children from different countries were tested on their knowledge of international and local affairs and Nigerian children scored the highest. UK was nos nine and the U.S.A was the last (why am I not surprised? BET generation that does not want to study).

Now, I have tried my best to stay away from commenting on the Obama - Clinton debate because I believe my political decisions should be personal. The adage that the Personal is Political is very true. Often times, I have seen black people run and follow the race party. Often times, I have seen people play the race card in other to get their way. Now, don't get me wrong. I understand the history of race in America (Minor in Africana Studies here) but unfortunately, I believe that a lot of black people are handicapped in their inability to take it a step further and emancipate their minds. They are the first to run to the us vs them mentality without understanding the core issues.

Now, I am not saying that there aren't some white racist. Trust me , there are. I have met them. I have worked with them. In fact, one of them made me give him a piece of my mind. But, I refuse to be a slave to the past. I intend to POSITION myself, in a place where I can be powerful and you cannot be powerful unless you learn how to UNDERSTAND, and WORK with People of other races and cultures. Simple!

Okay, where is this coming from? I went to one of those meetings on Saturday, and someone had asked me to make a presentation of how to take the product further than where it is. My analysis of the situation was that because of where the product was placed and the kind of interest being generated by that product - it has to be moved into the global sphere and be more inclusive. Now, all the black people came out jumping.
"What the heck" they said.
" We aren't family".
"This product is for us, our people". "
We have gone through apartheid at home and even here in the dare you as a black person sell us out?

I am sure a couple called me aunty Tommy in their minds.

But, you see, that is the problem with many black people, they are so busy fighting a battle that they have not learnt that there is a war that needs to be won. If you want to win that war, it starts from the message of inclusivity. Simple. How does what you are talking about relate to others? Seriously, black people need to stop being selfish and loose the VICTIM mentality.

Now, how does this relate to Obama. Since, this election began, I have asked more than twenty Black people (men and women ) who are heavily pro Obama to tell me, why they support him? Okay, I expected to hear a logical argument listing his policies, his history in politics and all that. NOT ONE WORD. All I heard was his race, or from the Africans - " he has a direct connection to Africa". AND SO WHAT? Am I obligated to vote him in because he is 1/2 African, or because he is black? Come on now, give me a break. I want some arguments based on intelligence. Black people, let us learn the issues.

On the other hand, Hillary has not gotten a fair deal from the international and national press. They have found ways of black balling this woman, that she has been made to seem like an erratic woman in the moves and comments that she makes. Is she erratic - I don't know. But, I do know that I do admire her strength for going on because other women would have given up at the first loss but she is setting a precedence for the next woman who stands up and says she wants to be president. The game is not for the weak. Now, many of you will like to know who I am rooting for - I will like to say that is a personal decision. They are both smart, articulate, brilliant and goal oriented candidates but only one will win. May the best candidate for the democratic party win.

Ignore Typos Again.

Music Video Of The Week - Enjoy!

9ice and Rugged Man - Ruggedy baba.
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Asher said...

Well you are not obliged to follow the black candidate just because you are black.

But if you look closely Clinton and Obama's positions on the issues are just the same.

If their positions are the same lets look at characters.Hillary is a devisive figure,mean spirited and calculating,anyone who diputes this hasn't watched politics for a long time.

Personally I would support any woman who is self made,Hillary is not she is a serious candidate because of Bill,actually because Bill cheated!

Barack is self made,he does not owe his success to nobody and therefore not answerable to no one!

Now there is nothing wrong with Blacks supporting overwhelmingly a Great candidate.

Jinta said...

i like obama, he is doing great things and seems able to easily cut a swathe across all races, however, i think he came 8 years too early, he is inexperienced and good oratory does not equate prospect.

i hope clinton wins the nomination. i disagree with asher's comments above:
1. hillary is not serious becos bill cheated? come on! 'he who is without sin...'
2. hillary is divisive? is there one person on the face of the earth that is not? that can be everything to all people?

your post is instructive in that you imply there are some who just follow the bandwagon rather than the issues. i wish a lot more people will make up their minds on their own and not from news clips

princesa said...

Obama is my man anyday!
I believe he is determined, courageous and has a strong vision.

asher said...

Jinta are you aware Obama has more years in the senate than Hillary?

He has been in elected office since 1992.Do your research.

Anyway even if Clinton wins the nomination through Super delegates,half the country hates for the reasons I stated,unfortunately its true!

pamela said...

Oh, it is getting HOT in here!!!

All I will say is this:

Obama cuts across racial boundaries because his campaign is not based on race, so I will applaud him for that. He knows the message of inclusivity.

But, many black people particularly Africans are supporting him because of his race and his connection to Africa. That is not a right reason to vote someone in. What happened to objectivity and merit?

Princess: I hope that your baby cousins don't all have Obama tee shirts. LOL!! My little cousin is made to wear his whenever he goes out. He is just two and cute as a button. LOL!! He is being used to campaign. lol!!

Uzezi said...

first of all, congrats on the job and position.

secondly, blame it on the fish brain of some people, their inability to be logical. In as much as Obama isn't a bad man, I still cry because he came at the wrong time. I really want that woman. God make it happen.

pamela said...

uzezi - thank you so much.

The post is asking people to know the issues before voting or accepting a candidate.

That being black is not a valid reason for voting someone in or out. For many black people in the U.S that is the sole reason that they are voting him. That is problematic.

Afrobabe said...

I remember writing in someone's blog, not even related to the obama thing that black people feel like the world owes them for being black....

shit I cant be head of that department cos I am black...we are our own hinderance...

pamela said...

thank you jare afrobabe.

We need to STOP Being victims because we become our own prisoners.



now, why you dey poke me all the time at face book ehn??


Don Thieme said...

I think that I agree with you. There are a lot of people supporting Barack Obama for the wrong reasons or for no clear reason at all. He has a lot of young people supporting him. Sometimes that is just going along with the crowd. Sometimes it is because he is black, and that reason is used by many young whites as well as by blacks.

All of that being said, however, I still think that he is the best candidate because of the policies which he has articulated. I think that all three candidates are getting grilled, McCain and Obama no less than Clinton. Fox and CNN had both picked Clinton and Romney from the start, so I do not think that they have been any easier on McCain and Obama than they have been on Clinton. I support whichever Democrat can convince the party at the convention.

Anonymous said...

@desperate lady- You are such a liar. I have just read your blog and am going to copy it and send it to cally. You think you can lie behind her becos you have uninvited her. Bitch half the people that read your blog are friends with her so quit lying. Why did you say you curse the person that gave her your number as if that is not the number she has always had for you and talked to you as confused child and unknown blogger? If you are not confused child and unknown blogger how come you always answered the phone and spoke to her. Maybe you would soon say that unknown blogger sold you her phone the way you lied that she is your cousin. Liar.
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So why are you lying that she called you and begged you? Or are you trying to convince people further that you are not confused child and unknown blogger. Bitch people don't buy it. They laugh behind your back asshole. Stop telling lies and get a life. And if you like uninvite me also. There are more people that have access to your blog that would spill the beans idiot.
Leave cally alone you idiot and stop talking about her child and hubby. Since it is hard for you to get either that you have to come online to desperately find one leave her alone. I know her very well and you are not in her class you thrashy drug pushing slot.

pamela said...

don: where have you been??? Thanks for your comment.

annonymous: you got the wrong person. I am not desperate lady. Pls, direct all your comments to her. Could you be the reason that her blog is now private.


pamela said...

Don: Your comments were great because it showed that you will be voting based on your understanding of who this person is and what they stand for. I will like to see those same principles and answers like that from other people.

guerreiranigeriana said...

congrats on the job!!!...although you were incredibly vague and left me wondering what industry and other questions...whatever...hope you didn't wait for me at merkato o!...i went to dc and ate ethiopian food!!...yum...

...on to your post...great always write interestingly...although i hate clinton (anyone who was in support of the war in iraq based on the evidence they were privvy to is a bit of a dumbass to me...with the limited information i had, if i could deduce the farce of the intentions of the war...i think you see where i am going here;)...i can see why folks may vote for her...i do agree that voting based on just race alone can leave you fucked up...and confused...i still have not decided if i am voting or not...i tend to have little faith in politicians because they all are smooth talkers...

...but it is worrisome when you hear people say i'm voting for him because he's black or because she's a woman or because he's mormon...but, it does make you wonder...if so many people can vote for the leader of their country based on such frivolous things, sometimes beyond the control of the candidate, what about when they are hiring you or deciding to sell their house/car/whatever to that how they make their decisions?...are we the only ones doing it based on merit? matter how objective we claim or try to be, there will always come a time when we base our decisions on stuff as basic as how he/she looks/thinks/smells/smiles/eats/etc. like me, right? have two applicants, essentially the same on interview them and choose one maybe because she dressed better, spoke better, had a better rapport with you, was more beautiful-whatever, it was subjective, no?...when choosing the leader of your country, is that ok?...dunno...i definitely won't be doing it based on that...not voting at this point because i think it is all fuckery and i haven't been following along to know their stances (except the war thing)...great post...sorry my comment is so long and convoluted:)...

guerreiranigeriana said...

yo, this song is righteous!!!...hadn't heard it...thanks for the introduction (although d'banj is still fine o!!;)...

pamela said...

guerreirra: Moving from Technology to Health, still within HR but well, just let say, that at the end of the day - this organization will give me a better place to bargain, just in case of incasability...(Yes, I just made up that word.

But in my spare time, I am involved in other things, main reason I have some form of drama each week. LOL!!

Ehm all I have to say as I thumb through my dictionary: is fuckery a word?? LOL!! :D

But you do raise a valid question,

when you have two candidates that are very similar- how do you decide who to pick. Sometimes, it has to come to extraneous factors ---(am I right, is that what you are saying)...

No, I did not go to Markato to look for you o!!



nneoma said...

Well, to reiterate, I am not voting for Obama because he is black (I mentioned that I used to be a Clinton supporter) and there are other reasons why I prefer him over Clinton (as mentioned in the first few lines of my post). However, I can't hide the fact that I am impressed with him so far because of his African and American background - just in the same way that I cheer on Nigerians who are in top positions in the World Bank, or other great positions of power. And if many people are voting for him simply because he is black, as many of you claim, I would think that Jesse Jackson and Alan Keyes would have done better during their bids for the presidency. So I think that even those who claim to support Obama simply because he is black are doing so for more than just that. Possibly they are overwhelmed that a black candidate is doing so well that they just can't help to mention it first. And many people likewise, notice that Clinton is a woman and prefer her (she gets the majority of the white female vote). In fact, let us look at the white people who are supporting Obama. Blue-collar, non-college educated whites are going for Clinton while college-educated whites are going for Obama. Obama does better in metropolitan areas than rural areas. This argument that Obama supporters are deluded by his race or charm is a little incredulous, seeing that most of his supporters are well-educated. I think Democrats who are voting for Obama are looking for someone who is not divisive. Hillary *IS* divisive, no doubt about it - check out latest national polls on cross-over appeal - Obama and McCain fare better than Clinton. Even Hillary has admitted that she hopes to woo Democrats primarily while Obama is looking for a wider base. Strategically, Obama is the better choice. Right now, conservative Republicans are still not sure about McCain. A Hillary win will solidify Republicans against their long-term enemy - the Clinton machine. In regards to healthcare, Clinton has tried and failed and Obama's plan is more capitalistic in nature, therefore winning cooperation of some Republicans. I will leave the rest of the reasons as to why Obama is the better choice for another post.

I respect the opinions of those who differ from me, as I have always said. If I didn't, I would have stopped coming to Pamela's blog a long time ago....but I'm still an avid fan :)

I guess the main question in non-Barack supporters minds is his lack of experience. Well, in terms of experience as an elected official, Obama and Clinton are not all that different. And if we were to use that criteria, there were other democratic candidacy contenders that were far more experienced than the both of them put together. In fact, McCain would be the better choice using that criteria. Several people have stated that Mrs. Clinton gained a sizeable amount of foreign policy experience during her husband's term. Well, I am not sure if I am for the type of foreign policy that allowed for the tragedies of the Rwandan genocide to occur. Everyone for some reason thinks that Bill Clinton was the first black president, or rather, very pro-black. Well, I guess this pro-blackness does not include Africans. But even at that, Bush II had more African-Americans and Hispanics on his cabinet than Clinton and in higher positions. Does that make Bush II more pro-black? Also, let's not forget how Clinton cheated his long-time black adviser, Vernon Jordan, who was instrumental to saving his butt during the Lewinsky debacle. Mrs. Clinton has further proved her faulty foreign policy experience by voting for the Iraq War. And many have admitted that while she was first lady, she did not have any security clearance to allow her to engage in the tough foreign policy exchanges that she now benefits from.

Also her husband was not much older than Barack when he came into office as President. Another young president that we all remember fondly, would be JFK.

I think this experience thing is being thrown into Obama because of his race - there, I said it. There have been several studies that have shown that in simulated job interviews scenarios, a white person is more likely to have a blemish on his record overlooked than that of a black person. In fact, a black person's blemishes are more likely to be highlighted than that of a white person. This is now being played out in the national stage through the Clinton campaign and the media. Racism is a live and well - and I am not talking about the Confederate flag-waving types of racism. I am talking about aversive racism. If anyone wants more info on this, please email me or you can check out the work of Jack Davidio (sp?). Quite interesting.

In regards to the media being unfair to the Clinton - well, I don't think so. If the media portrays her as erratic - I dont blame her. One minute she's holding Obama's hand in unity and the next she's screaming "shame on you Obama" in Ohio. I am sorry, but that was the most condescending thing I have ever seen one grown person say to another grown person. Obama has remained calm and responding calmly to such fact it makes him look more presidential. I just think it is sad that the Clintons have resorted to mud-slinging and negativity in order to defeat Obama. I mean, c'mon people, how can you compare the entire Clinton political machine to Obama. I expected that Hillary, considering that a former president is doing a whole heck of a lot of campaigning for her (Bill), should have blown the competition out of the water. But I guess, that shows you how strongly the country is ready to move on beyond the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

But I think that one of Obama's greatest accomplishments is his ability to transcend the race question so far and present a threat to the Clinton political machine. Let's not forget the words from an Oliver de Coque song which translates to saying that there are people that own the land and then there are people who own the people that own the land. Clinton would be in that latter category. For a child of an African immigrants to present a serious candidacy against such a machine is quite awesome, to say the least. And I think it gives many young people hope - and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, he has inspired my politics-hating 16 year old brother to travel up and down the East Coast to campaign for him. I think inspiring those who lost faith in the government is not a bad thing. Nna, I wish he were running for presidency in

I apologize again Pamela, for writing a comment that should have been a post...but I guess this is just a testament to my political junky tendencies....I will keep it brief next time....

nneoma said...

oh crap, I wrote a heck of a lot...I just noticed it looks like a short essay...again, my apologies.

pamela said...

Nneoma: Thanks for your comments. At least, you aren't voting Obama in based on his race which I mentioned is a common theme that I have heard amongst black people. In what I typed up above - no mention was made as to whom I am rooting for because as I mentioned that is a PERSONAL decision (those close to me - my family members, asher, O know tho).

Now everything that you said can be summed up in this statement and I quote, "But I think that one of Obama's greatest accomplishments is his ability to transcend the race question" which was another point brought up in the post.

I end by saying:
a) don't vote Obama in because he is black or African. Understand what he is standing for and HOW HIS STANCE affects you as a person. Being black or white or African is NOT A VALID REASON. Sorry. Understand the Issues (a point that I have mentioned several times in the post).

b) respect clinton for going this far because she has gone the furthest that any woman has and she hasn't given up yet which A LOT OF people would have once they started counting their losses.

The end...


I know you will be back Nneoma.

Nyemoni said...

Oh...the never ending debate.....the african american vs the lady...I plead the 5th ammendment on this one...

pamela said...

LOL at Moni!!!


people are really punking out on this debate...

pamela said...

LOL at Moni!!!


people are really punking out on this debate...

nneoma said...

though I am sure that I have expired my comment allowance...let me add the other part of the summation of my previous comments - "and present a threat to the Clinton political machine." That is the other half of his greatest accomplishment. To transcend race insomuch as to present a real candidacy against a former president political machine....

yes, I agree, that political decisions can be personal ones, but i think its pretty obvious who's side your on. though I hope by the time the general elections roll around, you will switch to the winning

pamela said...

nneoma: lol, regardless of whoever wins or looses, the person I support is the person I WILL still support.

No, it isn't obvious as to who I am supporting or not supporting.

weekend experiment for saturday if you have the time: go on the street and talk to black people. Ask them who they are supporting? Why they are supporting that candidate? If that candidate is obama -80 percent will tell you that the reason that they are supporting him is based on his skin color. They might put it in a joking way, making chicken jokes or whatever, they might say it is time that black people get theirs, whatever but the underlying reason is his race. There are very few that are able to outline LOGICALLY the support.

Sorry, I am not a fairweather person: through good(win) or bad (loss) the person I support is whom I support.

the end.

Welcome back!!

Ishtar said...

Pam, without taking position in this particular debate (I am about as far away from US politics as is possible...), I agree with you on the general issue: you shouldn't just support someone or to unfoundedly put your trust in that person just because you share the same or similar genetic heritage. However, it seems to be a general human trait to go for what is visually the closest to our own world, to identify with the one "closest to us". But why should closest to us be defined by the color of our skin? Shouldn't politics be about the best intentions and the best possibility to execute them...? Just a few thoughts from your average Scandinavian-Nigerien...

pamela said...

Ishtar: How you doing? How you holding up?? :-(

Ishtar - the Obama - Clinton debate will keep on raging on there are so many factors involved. The main one is Gender VS Race.

But it is fun tho!!


Ishtar said...

I'm good, thanks, God is good and I'm thankful for that. Am going back to Niger in a week, a little bit strange, but I'm glad.

Certainly agree that the Gender vs Race debate is fun - when you know what it is, you don't take all the details as seriously anymore... And as with all things in politics, they are never what they seem! Glad you enjoy it. Am looking forward to what you next heated debate topic is going to be!!!

Keep up the good blogging, friend!

nneoma said...

pamela you don turn nader supporter, abi? lol

Alot of people respect Clinton for her ability to go this far as a woman, just as alot of people respect Obama for going this far as an African American. I think alot of Democrats though are resentful on her insistence that she win because in doing so, she further damages the most likely Democratic nominee (note her previous comments in which she mentioned that McCain would be a better choice than Obama - that hurts the Democratic party). And let's face it...Obama is winning and prolonging this race is in the best interest of Republicans.

I think that the 80% figure is bit exaggerated. And even if it were so, I bet that if a white person were to approach that same 80% with the same question, they would give other reasons. I'm sure many of them are saying this to you because you are black and they want to share with you in that camaraderie that "yes, we as black people are being taken seriously." I am sure there is some looseness of the tongue that you share with your family or other Nigerians that you wouldn't say in front of oyinbo people. I know I do. So I could easily be put in that 80% category if I saw you on the street, knew you were Nigerian, and started singing and gyrating to the words of "Obama k'anyi ga-eso" (Obama we go follow!). And yes, I have done this before amongst other Igbo people.

I still maintain that black people will not just blindly follow a candidate because he is black - I have a hunch that most black people are a bit smarter than that. If they weren't, we would have seen the same type of black voter turnout during the Jackson and Keyes campaigns.

I think we have forgotten that there are white people who like Obama too, and do so in spite of his race - which is to say a lot. Whether we like it or not, white people are the majority of Obama's base, numerically, even if 100% of black people are supporting Obama.

Identity politics is not is just sad that once black people engage in what the rest of America has been doing for eons (picking presidents based on identity) it is deemed illegitimate. I doubt most people can articulate the differences between Clinton on Obama on the issues save for the experience thing - which I have explained before. So if you have two really good candidates - what else is left? Identity.

Many people have supported Bill Clinton because he was a southerner, or Bush II because of his simplicity of speech, or Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his movie star status. Yet none have been as openly criticized as black people. And it has, historically, always been easy to criticize the the intelligence of black people. I have had several people make the assumption that because I am black I support Obama solely because he is black - which I have resented.
However, I won't come down on people who do. I am sure that most Americans, black and white, have reasons for picking their candidates that aren't as nuanced as some of us in the blogosphere. To single out black people for doing such, would be somewhat unfair.

sorry for another essay....I promise this is my last post on the subject, seriously. I solemnly swear that nneoma will no longer make any comments regarding the Obama-Clinton fight save for this last one -

OBAMA 2008! Woohooo!

Jinta said...

* asher - i dont want to be pernickety and thrash little points, however, we must be very careful of the facts of our points when we discuss.

when you say obama has more experience in the senate, it is misleading to leave it as that. obama has 2 years in the senate to clinton's 6! the 'senate' you refer to is the illinois state legislature, which is akin to a large local govt.

of course, you are entiltled to give your support to whomever you'd like, but if we must contribute to these discussions, our assertions have to be based on fact

* pammy - are you desperate lady in disguise? i dont understand why this silliness has been brought to your blog. lol

pamela said...

jinta: Thank You O. When I saw this nonsense, I went to desperate lady's blog to go and find out why little pammy is getting involved in this nonsense and I noticed it was on private. :-(

Nneoma: "Barack knows what it means to be a black man to be living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people," Wright told a cheering congregation. "Hillary can never know that. Hillary ain't never been called a nigger."" Quote from Obama's pastor used to urge people to vote him in.



nneoma said...

i guess this is why they say that the three things that should not be discussed in polite conversation are religion, sex, and politics...nna, i don retire from politics ooo.....but maybe not religion and I'll be back.

tobenna said...

All this talk about Obama.
I just hope, really hope that he does not mess up if he wins. Or worse still, he is not the anti-christ.
I'm serious oh.

Obinwanne said...

been with obama since.....u have a way of writting ....your piece is just to perfect......been outta blogville for a while...but im back feel free to check me anytime anyday ....hope you enjoying ur weekend....

pamela said...

nneoma: lol!! :-) I AGREE...SEX and Religion , Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

tobenna: lol!! no comment.

obinwanne: anytime/anyday ehn....? fascinating...

pamela said...

nneoma: lol!! :-) I AGREE...SEX and Religion , Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

tobenna: lol!! no comment.

obinwanne: anytime/anyday ehn....? fascinating...

pamela said...

nneoma: lol!! :-) I AGREE...SEX and Religion , Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

tobenna: lol!! no comment.

obinwanne: anytime/anyday ehn....? fascinating...

Jaybabe said...

Shuu! Nice post. Very nice.

But i still dont think any white man will leave with the thing that a black man is in front of him. Just as much as no man will leave to see a woman in front of him. Anyway...lets wait and see.

How you doing gal. Congrats on your new job. Miss yah..

anonymous gal said...

My 2 cents on the issue i think republicans will win.Why? are Americans really ready for a woman or a black man? wit all their noise i doubt they are. im a sentimental 4 Obama coz he is black

pamela said...

Jaybabe: Interesting comment there :-) Girl, you have to watch wind of glory when you get the chance.

anonymous - ehn, you one of them ehn? lol..jus playing ya thing...

As Nneoma said: no more politics, other topics plss...........

Naapali said...

Ask and it shall be given. I support, have campaigned for and have donated money to the Obama campaign. I had to declare that upfront before going on to answer your question.

When Senator Obama first joined the race I was skeptical. Then I listened to him on Oprah, and then to other stump speeches and gradually changed my stance. Why? Not because he has experience being a president. The truth is only 43 human beings have had the experience of being president of the United States and no job prepares anyone adequately for it. I liked his answer to the experience question during one of the debates. He was able to point out that GW Bush has one of the most experienced cabinets but still got it wrong in many aspects. The best substitute for experience regarding the job of POTUS is judgment. Obama showed better judgment than any other person running for president in objecting to the war on Iraq for all the right reasons back when it was unpopular to do. It is interesting to recall that when the vote for the war was passed only two senators objected (Senator Fitzgerald from IL, whose seat Obama won, and an Independent senator that had been previously republican).
A mark of leadership is in avoiding the expedient for what is right.

Why else did I change my stance on him and swing from being a McCain supporting almost card carrying conservative to a lefty liberal candidate? Of all the candidates, I feel Obama understands not just the pulse of the nation but also the challenges that face this great but stumbling nation in the years ahead. America has been through many challenges and has come out on top, it has always done so thanks to leaders that were able to recognize and do what was needed to rouse the nation. Inspiration. A leader that is able to ask people to rise to the challenges of the day because they possess the powers within and not because someone else can be blamed for it etc.

No one has to support Obama because he is black and they are black also. However there is nothing wrong in supporting him because you believe in what he stands for and you like him, also happen to be black.

I could go on but will stop here.

pamela said...

Naapali : I will quote you when you say, "No one has to support Obama because he is black and they are black also. However there is nothing wrong in supporting him because you believe in what he stands for and you like him, also happen to be black."

I absolutely DO NOT believe that race is a valid reason to SUPPORT a person. Please!!!

You gave VALID reasons for your support based on LISTENING to his stance, seeing if it agrees with your stance and listening to his competition. You never mentioned his race.

I just want black people (in particular) to STOP being VICTMS. It is very ANNOYING and TIRING.

No, I do not support people based on their race, their lineage (so don't think that because you are African I will not ask you hard questions) or your gender. I am all about you "showing me the money". What is going on in there? If it makes sense - fine I will go along with it but if the person doesn't know what the heck they are doing, sorry I DO NOT HAVE THEIR BACK.

Readers: Hopefully, this post has CHALLENGED you to go back and look at your candidates and ask critical questions. Why do you support him/ her. Remove the race or gender question - where do they stand on issues important to you.


pamela said...

I will add this:

If you as a black person are being held back from acheiving your goals or your dreams, I will like you to sit back, look at what is going on around you and ask what is holding you back.

Please, stop blaming the white person. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.

I detest those who play the rold of victims. I prefer fighters!!

tobenna said...

Readers answer:
Em? WHo exactly are we talking about? OBJ or Yar'Adua?
Or is it Atiku or Buhari.
Abeg left matters.
Ojukwu is my man.
(I'm allowed to rant abi?)

Uzezi said...

of course naija kids will do better. did they have indian kids there as well? those ones are something else also.

pamela said...

tobenna: Lol!! I think your comment is for another blog o!!! :D I don't know what made me come here today and read this.


Anonymous said...

hi! i love what i've read of yr blog so far. well written&interesting.

However, i feel that you undo your valid argument against the reasons black people are supporting obama (because he's black,1/2african) when you support hillary because she is a woman, has stood the heat&is setting a precedence.

so,in the end u'r all the same. they're impressed by obama coz he's black you're impressed by hillary coz she's a woman

pamela said...

My point is that I am NOT OBLIGATED to support any person.

I think it is very important that point be very clear.

I work in a place in which if you don't support Obama - u are seen as being a traitor to the black question is MAKA why...

What happened to free choice? I will support who I will..when I will and how I will.

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