Monday, December 26, 2016

My thoughts on "2017 New Years Resolutions for White Guys | MTV News"

My thoughts

a) Stop tarring everyone with the same brush - not all Caucasians fit the stereotype.  If you get offended when someone makes assumptions about you, then you should not make assumptions about others.

b)'All lives matter' is not the opposite of  'Black lives matter'.  'Black lives matter' is a movement that raises awareness about injustices that were/ are being perpetrated against people of colour.  In many cases, these injustices led to death.  Yes, thank God our public lynching days are over but we have  symbolic lynchings taking place (often through the judicial system) - when a black person cannot drive/walk in certain neighborhoods, when due process is taken away from someone because  of the color of their skin, when the system seems rigged to ensure that you lose your voice and your life because of assumptions made based on your race.

'Black lives matter' is a relevant movement because it ensured/ensures that inequities are highlighted and this movement has led to setting up systems to protect the rights of minorities. I say,  about time! So, even though I agree that 'all lives matter' but if a group in society is being hunted down, then it is imperative that we broadcast these issues and ensure that it is understood that their lives matter as well.

No, I do not advocate for hurting police officers.  Police officers fulfil an important role in society by maintaining law and order and they should be accorded the respect that comes with that position.  But, they should not abuse their power.

c) Mansplaining is not just a white thing - it is a male thing.   I think Womansplaining is also a thing but I think the issue is more with the power behind mansplaining.  A mansplainer effectively shuts down the voice of the woman and renders her ability to voice a thought/opinion and idea as null and void.  In the workplace, this could lead to her playing a support role rather than being viewed as a leader, which has negative implications for the workplace and the economy as a whole.

d)  America has been good to a lot of people and not just white men.   But, I will say that because of the perceptions and assumptions that exist against minority groups, it is harder for minority groups to achieve compared to their white counterparts.  But, this does not mean that they do not achieve.  We have extremely wealthy minority individuals.   Despite it all, they achieved.  So America was/is good for them and has the potential to be good for us all.

e)  Anyone can be 'woke'.  Being 'woke'  isn't the right of only black/minority people.  My understanding of woke is when an individual finally comprehends the hidden issues that exist in society and takes a step either as an individual or communally to create change.  Anyone can be 'woke'.  After all, every major movement that occurred in the United States that involved changing the status quo for minority people, included Caucasians.  So, we can effectively say that they were 'woke' since they understood the issues and worked with minority groups to create change.

f)  Anyone can be racist regardless of the friends they keep.  This holds true for Asians, Blacks,
Latinos and Caucasians.    Your keeping friends from a different ethnic group has absolutely nothing to do with your perception of that group as a whole.

2017 plan for all:
a) be less judgemental - get to know people.
b) Black lives matter.
c) Blue lives matter.    Respect the police.
d) Stop mansplaining.   We have a voice and a brain and we should be allowed to use it.
e) Change your mindset.  America can be good for all.
f) We all need to be woke about issues affecting America and try to bring about a positive change in our environment.
g) AGAIN! Work on yourself.  Change your mindset.  Get out of your comfort zone and challenge your stereotypes.   And if you are a racist, you need to change.

My thoughts on "2017 New Years Resolutions for White Guys | MTV News"

My thoughts a) Stop tarring everyone with the same brush - not all Caucasians fit the stereotype.  If you get offended when someone mak...