Sunday, March 7, 2010

Natural Face Care!

For those that have met me in real life, one of the things that hits you is how smooth and clear my skin is. Many who have been lucky enough to see my pictures (I have been pulling them down for sometime) will comment on my face, asking what kind of powders or is the word pancake I use?

Well, I come from a family (mother's side) where pancake wearing is definitely not the norm. Till today, my mother wears only lipstick or lipgloss when she remembers and calls it a day. My grandmother (who was running a male dominated business in the Eastern part of Nigeria) never bothered with lipstick. My great grandmother didn't even bother! So, in a way, some can say that I am blessed with getting this great skin from them, well, let me be honest, I do get pimples at that time of the month.

As I mentioned, my mother's part of the family seem to have extremely clear and smooth skin and growing up I often wondered why? Things I noticed that they all seem to have used or use in their skin care regime are
a)Oil of Olay - the really old one
b) Coconut and Olive oil. - I come from a family background that has always been involved in the church. When you look at the historical almanac of one of the major churches in Africa, you will come across my great grandmother's name . Why did I decide to share this? Well, holy oil that is used for praying in that church was and is made from Olive oil / coconut oil. They tended to rub these oils on their face. I will write on the uses of Olive and Coconut oil for natural beauty uses at a later time. That article will be written from a non religious perspective for everyone. I use coconut oil and Olive oil but not on my face.

Well, that seems to have worked for them. I think I will add my own beauty care regime to theirs.

1) I clean my face once or twice a day (if I remember) with my own toner astringent made from witch hazel and rosewater. I get these from a natural store in canada. One part witch hazel to one part rose water. I squirt this onto a cotton pad and clean my face with that. To read up more on this, please click links on the words.

2) Jojoba oil: I love this. It works so great on my face. At first it is oily then it absorbs and is simply great! I decided to add one part glycerin to my bottle of Jojoba oil, so I will let you know in about a week, what happens.

3) I love lip gloss and eyeshadow (LOVES IT!!!) but when I use this (eyeshadow), I make sure I clean my face before going to bed.

That's it. That's my beauty regime...I try to keep things very simple....

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