Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Search For Fura

When I got to Abuja, I was amazed at the beauty and organization that I saw there.  I wondered if I was still in Nigeria.  Imagine, tarred roads, traffic lights that work, authority figures that actually did their work and loved what they did.  I wondered at the reason that we could not have such organization in other parts of the nation.  Of course, some Nigerians are liable to say that the reason Abuja is well maintained is because government officials live there, that’s the capital of the nation and compared to other parts of the country, Abuja has quite a low population of people.  These might be valid points but we all want better.

I was in awe at the constant electricity in Abuja.  In Abuja, PHCN, understands that they are there to do a job and they make sure the job is done well.  For the first time, in many days, I eventually slept.   Beyond, doing the visiting and eating rounds which was on my schedule.  I knew that I had to visit one of the markets in Abuja.

Markets often showcase the vibe of the community.  Its colorful arrays of products, its people with their different intonations and languages, also how, and when and what is sold in the market often shows what the community deems as important.  I knew I was going to visit the market in Abuja during my stay.  But, the main reason for the journey to the market was one borne out of long throat, also known as greed.  I was going to get some Fura.  Yes, I’ve been waiting for many years to have a taste of such milky goodness. For non Nigerians who are curious, Fura is the local unprocessed yogurt.

So, one bright day, my aunt and I went on a mission to get my Fura.  We got into Wuse market and again, I fell in love with Abuja.  Wuse is extremely organized and extremely colorful.  The merchants spoke in normal voices as they pitched their reasons on why you should purchase their items. But, we weren’t there for the items, we were there for the Fura.

We finally found the place where the product was being sold.  It was a conclave in which Fulani women sold items.  We asked for Fura, and this very beautiful woman, put some into a plastic bottle, mixed in the nunu (millet) and sold it to us.  We also purchased some Maishanu.  Maishanu and Fura are by products from cow milk.  Maishanu can be used in cooking or as a beauty product.

When I tasted the Fura, it was so great.  You know when you’ve waited for so long to taste something and you eventually taste it, you feel that high of accomplishment and then that glow of happiness.  I drank that Fura like there was no tomorrow.  The following day, I had a sore throat.  But, I will be back in Wuse market when I revisit Nigeria.

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