Monday, September 30, 2013

Fresh Vibes Monday: Omawumi - Warn Yourself (Nigeria)

We will be visiting Omawumi's Lasso Of Truth this Monday. Yes, we did an introduction a couple of months ago on the CD when it was so fresh, so clean (hope, I'm not dating myself with this statement) but today's bumping vibe will be on the video that was released a couple of weeks ago. This song is one of my favorites  from the 'lasso of truth' CD and it is called 'Warn Yourself'. It features a dancing Omawumi and her back up dancers doing 'shakara' (flirting by not seeming interested) with a guy who at the end of the day gets her. There are many things that are lovable about this video but let me start off  by listing some of what people might detest:
a) Omawumi's dressing. Multicolored Leggings with a short shirt. Not feeling it.
b) No Wizkid.

What I loved about this video:
a) Omawumi's confidence that she is so sexy.

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Fresh Vibes Monday

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