Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mind Your Mindset

Now before your head explodes from this metaphysical concept, let me reiterate, you define success. You can’t just have dreams and visions and good thoughts that fly out into the ether and make the world a better place. You need a definable plan of action. As a writer, I never felt the confidence to write until the day, I started introducing myself as one. Then, with the pressure on, I had to write something. The blank Word document laughed at me for weeks before I started writing something and then anything. It didn’t matter if it didn’t make sense. I was done letting decades of uncertainty and doubt stand in the face of my destiny. And amazingly, I made up a story and characters I cared about. And the best part, I did it again and again, till it became second nature. I discovered that concretizing my thoughts, plans and dreams made them even more relevant to me. Creating something is unbelievable and amazing and sometimes scary. But we human beings are good at it. Unless you are dead, every day, you create something. You have ideas and thoughts that alter your very physical form. And you are powerful when you mediate and reinforce them every chance you get.

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Mind Your Mindset

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