Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Are All Looking For Beauty (Anyi n'acho nma)

Yes...I still say categorically, Pamela's clock is not ticking...just making that point very loud and clear. Now, let's move on. (hehehehe, come and see the query I had to answer because of my previous post)...Anyways...

The other day , I was on a long subway ride home and I was bored to tears. I happen to look up and I noticed that there was an ad for hair dye for 'down there'. I thought my eyes were deceiving me and I decided to take another look at that ad. I forgot my camera that day, I would have taken a picture of the hair dye product. I laughed to myself as I wondered if women, have become so obsessed with beauty that they will go the extra mile of changing the color of their hair at a place in which anyone hardly sees. As I chuckled to myself, I realized that those lens that I was turning on society should be turned back to me.

I remember a long time ago, all the women around me were all 'makeuping". Name the make up, someone amongst the girls had it. Name the hair style, someone amongst the girls had done it. Well, minus me. I was Ms. Natural to the core. No make up, No perm, natural products because I believed that the way God made me is the way that I should present myself to the world.

Now, many moons later...I decide to take a look at my make up bag, as I count the number of lipsticks I have (6), lip gloss (9, two different chocolate flavors), eye pencil (1), mascara (2), eyeliner (1), hair color (1 - red), eyeshadow (13), nail polish(12), lip liner (1) I wonder what has happened to the conservative, ms natural thing, that I used to be. Lol! the only thing that I do not use is foundation because I am so scared that I will look like a masquerade let loose because I do not know the right color to use and of course, my hair is natural and short.

So, the question is much have I changed and by the time I turn 30 (not quite yet for those who are wondering when)...will I be purchasing a product for down there and will I have cut down there into the shape of a Mohawk (lol..I read that from some novel). Something to think about....why do we chase beauty so much? it for us or for others? has our concept of beauty changed as we've gotten older -- why is it??

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