Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday 3 - 4 pm New York Time On SARFMRADIO

As most people know, I had a blast talking to Ekene Onu on SARFMRADIO about a month or so ago. For those that followed that interview, we did talk about her book and ended up discussing relationships particularly from the Diasporan African perspective. I was so impressed that her answers were not the standard cookie cutter African woman answers but rather her answers showed an awareness of Africans in the diaspora, the expectations of Africans, knowledge, humor and most importantly wisdom.

I knew it was time to bring back the Lovers Lounge after my brief hiatus but I knew that it needed more of a vavavoom, I reached out to Ekene because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. I also reached out to L.A also known as Brown Suga, a co worker on SARFMRADIO. Brown Suga will be bringing in a modern day edge to the show. I reached out to Brown because I loved her bluntness and I knew she will say it as she saw it. We, three, dare I say it, independent women will be hosting a show every last Saturday of the month from 3pm -4pm (Eastern Standard/NY Time). Please, listen. I will love to know what your thoughts are and if you could call in and participate - that will be great.

The numbers are 212 283 3866 and 1877 SARFM35. You can also send us an email at (yes, cheeky and quaint).

To listen in:

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