Sunday, September 14, 2008

All That Glitz With Remi Fagbohun

First, I will like to say, "Happy Birthday K - may the added year bring more sweetness and joy to your life know everything else I want to say, [insert cheeky smile]"

Yesterday, was definitely exciting as I got a chance to meet with Remi Fagbohun who is definitely creating a lot of PR buzz (Thanks Bobby Taylor) in terms of her work in Fashion both here in the States as well as West Africa. I have kinda been missing in action for some time now, so I actually really learnt of the lady via Bobby Taylor and this great online magazine called mimi magazine. I was impressed with her clientèles' list and I was so excited when I learnt that she was willing to come to our studio in Harlem for an interview.

Now, knowing that I was going to meet a Fashionista original and a Nigerian one at that (we know that we can be very blunt sometimes), I worried, "will she like me? What will she think of me? What of if she doesn't like the studio? Oh, my goodness what of if she analyzes what I am wearing and finds it wanting (as most people know I am Bohemian by choice in terms of how I dress but if I do NEED to dress up - I do)". After worrying myself through several outfits, I realized, oh my gosh, it doesn't really matter just go on, and have a great show.

I got to the studio, met Brown Suga on her way out and settled down for the show. At 3.10 pm, Remi steps through the studio doors. She was definitely different from what I expected, she was very casually dressed, nice pair of jeans, nice shirt and well I didn't get a chance to look at her shoes...(OOPS, am I supposed to be mentioning brands now!). First, thing out of her mouth - " my goodness , what is up with the glasses inside the studio, you know people will think that you are aloof". "Chineke me!! Na wetin Bobby don bring into my studio" went through my mind but as she said those words, I saw the twinkle in her eyes and I knew instantly that we were going to have a good time.

So we sat down and had a blast and we talked about everything, from her business, fashion clients, how we dress, (I know that I have definitely made blunders in dressing), Nollywood, Lingerie and we got a chance to talk about her marriage and how she met her husband. Fascinating story - I wish more women will take their cue from her and just go for what they want.

Through out the interview, Remi was just down to earth, plain spoken, blunt (as most people know I am a huge FAN of bluntness - don't let me catch you playing games with me or....) and her energy simply just lighted up the studio room. It was just simply FUN!. We had a chance to really talk. It was just two women getting down to the nitty gritty of starting and running a business in the Diasporas.

I was so excited to learn that her client roster includes well .known names from African soccer, BET and the list is endless. You can learn more by going to her site and checking out her pictures. She is absolutely beautiful!

I want to say a HUGE thank you again to Bobby Taylor and Remi Fagbohun and I hope Africans in the Diasporas will keep on supporting each other as we reach for greater heights.

Read the Interview via africanloft.

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