Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Is Africa To You?

It is no surprise that many of us have different views of what Africa is. Some think of Africa and remember, war, poverty, disease while some think of Africa and think joy, happiness, peace, going to the market with your mother, going to trade for your mother, going to the river to fish. What is Africa to me? Africa often starts from my late grandmother's house (mother's side) in the village, my walk to the streams, going to the farm (not being allowed to pick a hoe), new yam festivals with dancers and masquerades at the village square, eating roasted yam - that has been roasted over the fire (not an oven or a gas cooker) with ube (pear). Africa takes another turn on getting to Lagos - I think of hardwork, stress, noise, kindness. What is Africa to me? It is so many things. Fortunately, this idea is being explored by a lot of burgeoning young professional Africans in the Diaspora. Ms. Saro-Wiwa, was interviewed on CNN. Here is an excerpt:

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