Monday, November 5, 2012

What Is Love?

As some of of you know, I am the epitome of the classic romantic, with open eyes, I often tread in on areas that are deemed inhabitable by others as I search for that one, that needle in the haystack. But, as I have grown, I have come to the realization that love comes in different shades, different sounds and different feelings.

When I was younger, love came in clashes of cymbals, lots of noise, and the constant thug of emotions. I read my romantic tales and watched my romantic comedies, with star crossed eyes, as I waited for my prince to come in a flash of light and rescue me from the hum drums of my realities.

But as I grew older, I realized that love doesn’t often come the way you expect it. It doesn’t come with all the signs that you place on it. Sometimes it comes quietly, like a whisper in the night, it often comes with the person that epitomizes the standards set in one of the holy books. Love often comes with patience, kindness and care. It often comes with a strong liking that goes beyond quick lust and the need to satiate your bodies in the fiery dance of passions. Love often comes with commitment, being able to take a step to the side to allow the other shine or being able to allow the person take their journey with the hopes that their journey will bring him or her back to you.

Love often comes with hope and faith knowing that no matter where that person’s journey takes them, if he/she is meant for you - you will be back at one. Love often comes with the ability to let go and just fall knowing that he/she whom you trust so much will be there to catch you if you fall. Love often comes with harsh realities and deep truths and the ability to see the person as he/she really is and still be able to look at him/her across the room and fall in love again.

For me, love is a security blanket knowing no matter how far I go, or whatever happens, knowing I am accepted just the way I am. Every one has their different ways of defining love but to me love is patient, kind, joyful, always wishing well, it is immersed in hope, faith and often times a deep sadness.

What is love to you?

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