Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Thoughts On Ese Walker: If You Ask Me Na Who I Go Ask

Last week, the ultra religious community in Nigeria was turned on its head as they got an extra shocker, when one of the willing supplicants to 'ministrations' got the gumption to finally speak up about her one week sexual ride with a famous pastor in Abuja. It occurred in a pent house suite in London. Now, as you know this site tries to maintain a level of cleanliness by staying away from certain stories that involve the goriness of life but from time to time, if the content being raised in the goriness involves a societal issue, it will be brought to light. Now, I applauded this woman for finally getting the guts to stick it to the man. Yes, I have issues with Nigerian religious 'personalities' but I believed that she lost the plot when she chose to label her highly enjoyable act as abuse. It wasn't abuse, it was a consensual act, that never had closure.
Nigeria, a country that pretends to have puritan and Victorian values, was turned on its head. At this point, I am still trying to decide if it is the idea of a pastor getting involved in extramarital affairs or if it is because a woman dared to speak up that she slept with her pastor. Confused.com. But, I will say this, she isn't the first and she definitely won't be the last. But, the Ese Walters – Pastor Biodun Coza saga, has raised up certain salient issues and I hope that this has created the avenue for many to open up about things in the church.
Some of the questions that we should start trying to answer are these:
 a) how much power should religious personalities have in Nigeria?
b) What checks and balances should religious personalities have on their power?
c)How much training should they have before they start putting their 'thoughts/opinions/gossipy factoids' out there for the masses to imbibe?
d) What is the place of grace and punishment in the church?
e) What next for Pastor Biodun and others that follow in his steps?
 Poverty with a mixture of our spiritual and cultural ideologies has made Nigeria, a haven for half baked people who see the church as a fast means to gain power, popularity and money to thrive. All, you need to do is say some 'inspirational word' on the pulpit, add in Jesus name, do some hocus pocus and the always looking for next news congregation that does not bother to ask questions either out of ignorance/fear/obligation will accept what is said from the 'powered' individual hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately, these powered individuals are often equipped with some of the 'blackmail y' parts of the bible to ensure that their position remains sacrosanct and no one ever questions their authority. Even a lay man on the street can quote the 'touch not my anointed bit', probably because he has heard it so many times.

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