Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Abimbola Dare's, "when broken chords sing".

I was browsing through a facebook’s friend’s wall when I came across a link to the book, 'when broken chords sing' by Abimbola Dare. I followed the link to the Amazon pageand I was intrigued when I read the synopsis. This book falls under the genre of Christian fiction. We know that writing Christian fiction is no easy walk in the park because the author has to balance the spiritual with the secular. But, the secular is necessary since that’s what makes a book relatable and believable.
 In the book, 'when broken chords sing', we are met by the main protagonist – Destiny. Destiny is a naive university student who falls in love with her professor – Stanley Briggs. These two embark on a love affair leading to a wedding but on the wedding day, she finds out that all he told her was a lie. She is heartbroken. In a bid to heal her broken heart, she listens to the advice from her friend and relocates to a different part of the country where she finds love again in the arms of a church worker, Christopher. She is very open with him about her past at the advent of their relationship but this openness is actually what is a factor in the demise of her marriage. Christopher is a deeply insecure individual and he uses this information about her past as a stepping stone to physically as well as emotionally abuse her. Interestingly, she runs for help to several places and they are unwilling to help.

To read more, click link:  When Broken Chords Sing

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