Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Will Not Purchase That Book!

Okay, I am trying my best not to be dismissive but I just can't help it.  Seriously, I thought Nigeria was going through a recession but we seem to be able to find that spare cash and time to buy into a very rich woman's tale of woe.  As I have gotten older, I seem to find myself losing patience with women who have it together and still chose to stay with men who are obviously not good for them.

Case in point:  An on-air personality chooses to marry a man, who has clearly shown that he has interests outside the relationship and decides to keep him by thunder by fire.  In an attempt to keep him, she closes her eyes to his indiscretions (a very stupid strength of the Nigerian woman), tries to change herself physically for him by bleaching her skin to look like the sun (ahem) and then to end it all, contracts a sexually transmitted disease from him.    Like, everything is clearly saying, RUN WOMAN RUN.  Yet, this woman still stays.

But, when the silly , ,   Let me start all over again.  So, the silly guy is gallivanting all over the place with his dingaling and then gets a woman pregnant, she finds out AND still, she remains. Then when they decide to put everything on blast and now her business is now public knowledge, she decides to stop doing 'in the morning things'.  Let me be cynical here for a moment but if this had not become public knowledge and her profession become in jeopardy, I believe she would have remained in that relationship. By the way, she dispenses love advice on air.  So, now that the curtains have been drawn and we can all see the dirt, she now decides to write a book and then we all carry ourselves to go and buy the book.  Abeg, NO!!!

I will not be purchasing this book but if you decide to get it for me, for Christmas, fine.  How can your house be burning and yet, you still choose to remain there? What is the hold?  Na juju? What exactly were you getting from the relationship, apart from the popular position that many Nigerian women vie for (that of being a Mrs.somebody) but apart from that, absolutely nothing?

By the way, if we decide to look at the chronology of her relationship, it turns out that though she was the one that was married, she was actually the side chick.  He had been with the woman longer than he was with her.  Oya...  #I #just #cannot.   Seriously,  woman, why are you crying when you can be singing, "thank you Jesus, for my deliverance"?   See me see trouble, Oh!

I just wanted to rant.  There has been too much hullabaloo about that book.  And I just  #can't #take #it #no #mo'.

Domestic violence is real and is an epidemic.   But, institutional silliness is a choice, women sometimes choose to remain in things that no longer serve them.


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