Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Silence.......Then Twitter

Yes, it has been a minute.   Let's blame it on a place, time and events.
I really do not have much to say but that the next couple of years will be an extremely
interesting one in the United States.   The United States chose to vote someone in who is quite famous for the phrase, 'you're fired' as president.   I was taken aback at the result because I was so sure that with many of the values that Americans seem to espouse that allowing someone who had made so many faux pas to become President of the United States will be a great NO! NO! but I guess I was wrong.  He is president and we all have to accept it and move on.

Yes, let's please stop with the recount hullabaloo.   The election of the President-elect says something about the inconspicuous hostilities that many have about certain changes that have occurred in the United States in the past couple of years.
Furthermore, it further restates that the United States is still patriarchal and still isn't quite comfortable having a woman at the helm.   Let the events that occurred with Mrs. Clinton be a warning to all women who aspire to lead the United States -a) you do not have as much leeway as your male counterparts.  They can smack a couple of bottoms and still be seen as individuals with leadership potential but you cannot.   b) you have to be as pure as snow.  There cannot be any hint of unethical or otherwise conduct.   Mrs. Clinton would have done a great job!  But, we have what we have.

Talking about what we have?  All I can say is that President Trump's  reign will be one that is completely different from his predecessors.  That brings me to my important question: what's up with President Trump and Twitter?  It seems that he prefers to make his pronouncements and judgments on twitter.  On the one hand, we can say that this is a great move because it keeps him in touch with the pulse of the nation, and he makes himself seem more accessible to the common man.  But, it seems his pronouncements over twitter seem to get him into more trouble.  To be quite honest, his behavior over twitter seems to be quite prescient of what we will expect from him in the next four years  - that is a man who might not be willing to follow protocol.   Will that be good for America?  I guess the next four years will show us.

I watch with bated breath and pray that he does end up making "America great again."

Maybe, I will follow him on twitter...;-)  #Just #saying.....

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