Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yes...O... I am Twenty - Something Today!

It all began on September 17th, about twenty something years ago in a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. A little girl was born to a young mother who was still a student and an Engineer who had just begun his career. They both looked at the little girl and saw something. The Engineer saw a gift and her look reminded him of the old lady in his village who had always taken him in as a child. As such, he decided to name this girl, God's gift. The young student saw the child and looked into her future and saw that there will be many who will try to toy with her pride and gave her a name in metaphorical Igbo which means "may the eagle remain in the sky and keep on soaring". That little baby was Pamela.

To keep a form of balance in their lives, (as most people know, Engineers particularly in my dad's field tend to travel a lot), the little girl spent her baby years in a University in Jos and was catered to by her mother and her friends. To keep this little girl calm, so that her mother could study - the little girl was introduced to the library and the world of books. That started her thirst for knowledge and that is where my story begins.

Approximately, a year ago - I came to blogville and told you that I was quitting my job and was going to find myself. The push to go find myself was brought about by reading Paulo Coehlo's book, "the alchemist" and I realized that I had locked myself, particularly my creativity in a prison of fear that will not let me go. I quit my job and began my journey.

The journey was often times brutal and difficult, many times filled with different kinds of trials but within these trials there was often a form of joy because I knew I was doing what I wanted to do and I was at peace with my decision. In the process of my journey, I lost a lot of people (who called themselves friends) but also gained a lot of people who had my back with every stage in my life. I heard the sniggers and often times the stupid comments made by people who didn't understand but felt that because they had made certain choices, I should live my life like they did but I refused to budge. In the process, I rounded up one of my educational goals and put the finishing touches on other goals that I had left on the sides.

People who've followed my journey closely have often asked if I regret my decision and if I sit back at night wondering at what could have been if things hadn't gone the way they did. My answer is NO. Taking the plunge, involves the ability to ASSESS your risk and forgive yourself for past mistakes. To be quite frank, if I had remained where I was, I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have now in terms of education, finance, job experience and information.

So, as I turn and still remain in the same age group, I start a new page today in my next journey (a couple of people know what it is) and I laugh as I face my future with courage.

PS: It will be quite ungrateful of me if I do not say a huge big thank you to you all and most especially the Paulo Coehlo's camp that reached out when I started my journey and actually sent me an email.

Thank You...Thank You..Thank You...

As I eat my cheese cake....I will think of you guys as I savor each bite and you guys will always remain in my thoughts.

Happy Birthday to all Virgos out there and also to me.
My birthday present to you guyz is the faith in dreams and the courage to pursue it.

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