Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday wishes and thank you's

Every birth year has always been significant to me, because it is one in which I choose either to pick up certain things or to let go of certain traits/projects or people. This years' was one just like the other years in which I got a chance to review certain choices I had made and got a chance to correct them.

About three and a half years ago, I walked into a certain project because at that time, I was hurting and I needed to surround myself with what made me happy. Working on that project brought me some healing and on the other hand opened my eyes to certain things that were not right. I will say that project made me an adult. As years progressed, I realized that certain things were not going to change, behaviors were still going to remain the same, and certain attitudes will continue on the way it is and I realized that there were two options: a) either remain within the project and close my eyes and let things continue the way they are or b) walk away and work on projects in which I have part ownership. It was a very tough decision because, yes, I had been part of them from the beginning and because I believed I had some sort of loyalty to my peers and all.

But, after analyzing, reanalyzing and talking to a friend of mine who sees things in dollars and cents (spent approximately 200 dollars per month out of my pocket - I don't want to calculate how much that was out of my pocket for the past three years) - we all came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with letting something go when its focus has moved to a place that is destructive. There is nothing wrong with moving on. So, I decided to do so.

I want to use this opportunity to apologize to all those I brought onto the project..I know many of you didn't want to but just did so because I asked. I want to say thank you for the support through the years. I want to let you know that by Mid October - late October, I will be with a different group, still within the same kind of project but I will be meeting eclectic needs which will be challenging and fascinating - we are still negotiating.

By the way, I currently have bags under my eyes...STUDYING IS difficult particularly if you've taken a break for about a year (I really do not know how some people do it)!!... and I still LOVE my field - there is so much versatility in what I do. People look at the field of HR as one of just benefits and compensation but there is so much to it. In what I do currently, I work with different kinds of people from so many backgrounds and each person has a different story of what made them who they are and brought them to this point. Will this feeling last I wonder? (Some friends will say that is the question of the moment)!

How was my birthday? It was great - I want to say a huge thank you to those who remembered, I got so many birthday!!...that really made my day and someone, even understood my love for cheese cake and flew my cheese cake from his hometown to the studio so I can have that on my day. Thank know that really brought tears to my eyes!! :-) I really appreciate the blogging family and that was what made me realize that there are different kinds of families but the online family could also be strong...

So to the next adventure.........and as I always say, "always remain true to yourself because at the end of the day...YOU are the one that will be held accountable for the decisions that You've made".


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