Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank God It Is Friday... (Update)

All I can say is that I am happy it is Friday, this has been a long, LONG, week. I really have nothing to write here...

Okay, what have I been up to?

a) I have watched someone really close to me finally get the courage to leave. Many of us laugh at the whole concept of being brain washed. But, it does happen. So, really, think things through before you accept it and ensure that it matches your personal truths. She finally saw that certain behaviors were unacceptable. In my heart, I am singing Hallelujah, may she have the courage to keep to her decisions.

b)As most of you know...I have transitioned radio stations. Yes, Pamela, is always changing but do you know what I have the moment, these changes are taking place, it often seems to be the worst decision ever but later on, I find out, oh my goodness...this was the best decision ever. So, I look at this in that light. (I think this whole lesson ties into my bat incident last year). Why this radio station? I will go into this more fully in two weeks time before my first show with them. Of course, the radio station is African!

What has Pamela been up to in the past week, week and a half?

c1)NO, I was not on a secret honeymoon!

2)No, I was not secretly becoming a porn star somewhere!

3) I wasn't kidnapped by the DHL (or any mail/parcel delivering)guy. But, quick question though, are these men specially picked for their fyness? I have often wondered because I am yet to see an ugly one. Just innocent question!

Pamela's Advice For the Week:

Make sure that as you listen to the sweet, sweet gossip from whomever it might be, don't accept it, till you confirm it from the source. I have noticed that people love filling the gaps, adding salt,sugar and pepper to stories and in some cases, enjoy the whole process of FABU! (Naija people know what I am on about now!). I keep to my general rule which states: if two people know each other, thou shalt not be involved in the spreadations (my new word) of sweet juicy, juice (gossip)...whatever I know about both sides shall be kept with me and not shared with others. As most people know, I am GREAT at keeping secrets. This na general advice before una come disturb me for here.

*Pamela, needs to be motivated to crack open her text books to review or she will be getting an F on her upcoming exam but I am often so tired by the time I get home..... :-(


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